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Dec 22, 2009
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Hello everybody, I am hoping to find good and working suggestions based on your experience.

I had several Indian, Philippine, Japanese etc. Anonym bought Paypal accounts.
Until they got locked, they wanted Tax proof, Bank proof, ID's and all that crap after a certain time. And I dont have these things.

There are several thousands but mostly hundreds of dollars moving through all my anonym accounts.

Anyone has a better idea? or a better method to have a paypal account which I can use for longterm(more than just months) without beeing asked for such ID's/tax proofs etc..

btw Im not from the US, from europe if that will help.
What is that you want to know exactly? What to do to unblock them? Can be done within certain limits.
just buy VPN accounts and use different windows user for each one.as for the paper thing, there are several guys out there selling proof of address.
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