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    You guys have been great at answering several questions of mine and its much appreciated!
    I have a question regarding list building and what is the best way to do this in general.
    First off...I have been doing AM for about 2 years now, and have had some success but not enough to consider myself "successful" partly because I skip from one thing to the next before I fully understand what I am doing. Lot's of general knowledge not enough expertise and execution, and list building is something I need to know and know well!

    Anyway getting on to my 2 questions...I realize the importance in list building, and I have experience with Aweber...have 2 lists with around 120 subscribers, and obtained these subscribers from 3 different websites with your standard opt-in form. I need to know the best way to promote an opt-in squeeze page and have always had an issue on what I can give away as a reason for someone to optin. I've always stumbled on what to give my subscribers, and then what is the best way to promote my squeeze page.

    question 2...I know this isn't a way to build a solid list, but how well does sending an opt-in (no confirmation) to a CPA offer using a pre-pop?
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