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    Hello, I am looking for highly active facebook page owners/admins for my link promotion.I have links from likes(dot)com and oopsmile(dot)com and I want to promote these links in your facebook page.Niche - Entertainment (lol, memes, demotivators) are priority and pages about amazing things, cars, tattoos would work as well. I will provide the contents(gif pictures, link). In addition to this, I'm starting a Facebook page that I'll be trying to promote.Basically,i need USA and UK traffic for my links and canada would work as well. If you page's demographic contains 30%-50% US fans then it would be good.

    Requirement:- The page must be under specified niche(No adult niche). The page should be active and minimum 100k fans "talking about" for the page. page's demographic contains minimum 30% - 50% US or UK fans.

    Payment:- I will pay 5$ for first link posting(trial) and 7$ per subsequent link posting and I am also paying more $$ per link which gives more clicks on my link. If your page is active enough then you can do very easily.Minimum you will get 7$ per link posting.

    Payment method:- Paypal (Daily payment can be possible)

    We can deal with groups too, if you have group over 100k members under same niche and active too then I can place links over there.I will provide 3-4 links daily.First I will do it for 1 week and if its going well then i will continue.

    Contact me with your page samples or add me on skype. Thanks :)