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    hello people , first maybe it's not the perfect place for the thread and second sorry for my english ...
    i want to ask some question about seo and link building , please answer them one by one .
    1)i have find a niche with this criterias :
    . 15k-25k search volum (adwords keyword planner) with the main keyword
    . 0.4$ cpc with the main keyword
    . just 600 000 searchs on google with the main keyword
    . not autority sites at the first page on google .
    can i call this a low competition niche and it will be easy to rank at the first position ?
    2) also i have seen some gigs on fiver , seoclerks , and some packages here about seo and link building , how does it work , it's really work ?
    i mean after set up the site ( choosing theme , installing pluging ,writing content ...), i have just to buy these gigs , services or packages ( or what you want ...) , stay away , and waiting my site being at the first position ( assuming a low competitionn niche ) , thats it ?
    thank u !
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    1. Honestly very hard to say. Even if you shared your niche/site (dont share it) it would be hard for me and many other members to tell you if would be easy to rank in position one.

    2. Always be very selective when purchasing any seo work and make sure and read all the reviews. Keep in mind that you can buy fiver reviews on this site so just because somebody has some great reviews it does not mean they are really doing great work. The mods here do a really good job of vetting people but some people get lazy with time or maybe they give great work to a mod and then screw over the next 40 customers. I have used a few of the services found in the marketplace and have seen some nice ranking improvement but dont assume you will be able to use a fiver gig after setting up your site and jump up to position 1.

    Chances are pretty good those sites at the top are harder to beat then you are thinking. How old are they? What about the links they have ? Have you checked that out? If you are looking at a site that is 10 years old and has links from major newspapers it will take a lot more than package or two on fiver or here to get to that #1 spot.

    Ahrefs has a free 2 week trial you can use to analyze the backlinks the top sites have. That will give you a pretty good idea how hard it would be to rank above them. That being said they may have a large pbn supporting them that has ahrefs blocked so even if it looks low competition it could be harder than it appears.