large niche email list w/honeytraps

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    I have a huge list of 250K verified (two years ago) the problem is I took all my received/sent/contact addresses from my Outlook of maybe 10K that's been incorporated into this list.

    Somewhere in that 10K were "seeded email addresses" or "honeytraps". I was a mgr of this company and at one time or another had everything on my computer, so I got the traps in my 250K total. When I used the list someone from my last company called me and said "Hey - what up? Stop using that list or we might have to sue your ass".

    Now most of these emails - maybe 175K I got from begging and pleading people in this industry - the rest DID come from my previous employer - I just had them on my computer when I was laid off?didn't even know I was going to try this little venture. Everything is mashed together - in other words - I have ONE list of 250K and no longer have access to all the individual lists.

    I've searched the list for every domain that my previous employer owns and deleted those emails. I've removed all gmail, live, outlook, hotmail, and yahoo emails. And it was after I did this that I did a mailing and got busted.

    Does anyone have any idea how I could use this list without getting my ass sued off? ;)