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    Hi guys, i am doing some keyword research. Got some doubts, hope someone with enough experience can give some opinion.

    i) Keyword 1 - all the top 10 are ecommerce website, amazon best seller page is the top 1, how difficult this is? (Keyword revealer score 20) , I heard google is more bias towards e-commerce website?

    ii) Keyword 2 - inside top 10 got 2 youtube page ,1 ebay,1 pinterest , with no H1 on page SEO, and top 7 is ecommerce website, not much backlink as well. Is it a good keyword?

    So i think the main question is how competitive is e-commerce websites if the key is product type, as well as ebay, amazon best seller and pinterest, since they have of quite high DA, i am a bit confuse.

    For these 2 cases, would it consider to be easy, medium or hard? My opinion its easy-medium range?
    Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.