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    Hello BHW,

    I am looking for partners/consultants/Internet marketers for my mobile website business.

    What I can provide -

    I am an experienced web developer, I can handle all technical stuff.
    I can provide mobile website including following features -

    1. Content Pages - I will customize and enhance content pages. Abput us / Menu / Products / Services Pages
    2. Photo Gallery
    3. Click-to-Call Button - With one click, potential customers can call your business.
    4. Map Directions - A Google map can show location.
    5. Social Networking - Links to social networking websites (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc)
    6. Links - Link to desktop website, blog, or links to other relevant sites.
    7. Working Hours - Working hours page
    8. Email Contact Form - Customers can drop a line without ever having to leave website.
    9. Device Detection - I will embed code into desktop website that will automatically send users who are accessing website via mobile devices directly to clients mobile site.
    10. Help and Support - Setup, initial content population and support.

    What I need from partners/consultants/Internet marketers -

    I am looking for partners/consultants/Internet marketers who can refer my mobile website development service to their clients.
    I can be completely visible OR invisible to your clients.

    Method of operation -
    1. You refer my mobile website development service to your clients.
    2. I will provide a working demo copy of mobile website of client's existing desktop website without any upfront cost.
    3. If client agrees, You take payment from your client and forward my share to me.
    4. I will publish client's mobile website.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Q - Are you providing responsive sites or separate mobile website?
    A - Currently I am providing separate mobile website.

    Q - Are you using any thirdparty sitebuilder to develop mobile websites ?
    A - Yes

    Q - Is separate domain name and hosting is required for mobile website ?
    A - Separate domain name is not required, Mobile website can be integrated as
    a sub-domain of clients existing desktop website and utilise the same URL.
    Ie if site is mysite.com your mobile site URL can be m.mysite.com
    Hosting is provided with mobile website and client has to renew hosting yearly.

    Q - Can clients make changes to mobile website directly ?
    A - Yes, If required, I can give access to client to make changes to their mobile website.

    Q - Which payment method can be used for transaction ?
    A - I prefer PAYPAL.

    Please PM or post here for further discussion.

    Thanks & Regards ...
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