website developer

  1. Great ruler

    Start Journey as a Website developer 90 days plan

    I plan to start learn and changer career into website developer HTML CSS WORDPRESS PHP BOOTSTRAP Suggestion me guys it worth to start learn and survey with skills .
  2. bulba13

    LF Web developer for NFT Landing page & minting

    As said in title, need someone to create a landing page + minting for my NFT project. Looking for web designer with blockchain knowledge. Only JR.VIP please or good ratings pls
  3. C

    Website Developer Needed

    Hello, I am looking for a website developer that has enough experience to build a website with many features. This will not be a simple website, it will require many features such as these: - Marketplace - Support System - Withdrawal Site And more. If this is something you can do, please let...
  4. L

    Need some suggestion about my future

    Hello i last year i was applying for data entry jobs this same month looking for a job for 150$ a month now i have learned wordpress alot i have made more then 10 websites I am applying for job for 450$ a month ( i am getting interview calls ) I want to know what else i need to learn with...
  5. Impressor

    [$50] WP Licensed Theme implementation

    Below is the theme you'll work on- Home - Newspaper Gossip Pro Demo I already have this theme's license. All one needs to do is implement it, with some tweaks and functionalities. Solid original dev support, easy tutorials, etc. Newspaper Theme Update: Standard Pack or tagDiv Cloud Templates...
  6. Aparnathumu

    Need Gem Website developer

    Already posted requirement but time eaters came into my inbox. Need a website developer who can exactly design and develop a website like wedmegood or shaadisaaga. Pm only if you are capable doing it, and having an experience in development of similar website before.Need to start from 0. I...
  7. LisaMIM

    Build My Social Networking Site - Peepso Ultimate Bundle

    I've already purchased the Peepso ultimate bundle (including the gecko theme) and set up it up to the best of my ability, however, I am not a wp expert and don't know how to do anything further. Currently, there are links that lead to no where when clicked. I basically need someone to get the...
  8. L

    Word press design

    Hello i want to change design of this page in word press can some one please help me Thank You
  9. cosmo89

    Looking for Web developer -$300

    I am looking for a web developer for a site, the site is simple normal site with some custom coding by JavaScript, PHP, API integeration and chrome extension querying. There will be a shopping page where customer can pay with BTC. timeline - 6-8 days budget -$250 if the job done , will ready...
  10. Geezyy

    Wordpress developper needed.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a WordPress website developer to correct some things on my website. I will have some client work to complete as well for you if you do a great job in the next couple of weeks. Please send me your portfolio as well as your hourly rate. Thanks!
  11. LilMosey

    Looking for Web developer

    Hi all, i'm looking for a website developer who can develop me a Image uploading site similar to Imgur, but with waaaaay less features... Please PM me. Budget: PM to know & more info
  12. GazM

    Need help with website

    hello I think I am posting in the right place, Iv been a member of the forum for years forgot passwords created new accounts etc... I just turned 24 iv had a local business for 2 years now hiring 5 staff we do okay but I want to be able to do orders online, but we make made to measure blinds...
  13. kpenshoppe

    Hire a Freelancer who knows how to create a WAPSITE

    A wap community script with many advanced features including, forums, chatrooms, polls, blogs, chat bots, plusses system, smilies, wap games, download system, user files, user sites, user clubs including their own chatroom and forum. Please send me an email but I have to be honest I can only pay...
  14. virtualpurity

    Need a Website Developer for a project PHP / CSS / HTML

    Hello, Like the title says, i am looking for a website developer for a project for website building and customization. You will need to know PHP / CSS / HTML in order to make this work. For an experienced dev this project would only take 2-3 days max. The project will also be ongoing so...
  15. E

    Website Development needed (Adult site)

    Looking for someone to design and develop Adult site (Woocommerce). Portfolio required.
  16. Drunken_woe_cat

    My First Journey of Gratitude. Goal 100,000 USD

    Good Morning Everyone! Or it maybe evening by the time, I finish writing these thoughts. I have left my 40k a year job to go back to school. I have to make some income, while I am in school. Before today, I had $8.00 USD in my bank account, which I was very greatful for because I could by my...
  17. BoostKings

    Who can develop an Online Sport toggle?

    Hello there, I am looking for someone who is able to create something like this for me: Basically what I am looking for is a system where I can post links to watch sport games online. If you checked the screenshot above you know what I am talking about. If you can...
  18. B

    Need Developer

    I have 2 new websites, I want best web developer please pm me! Thank you Your Pitt
  19. J

    Need a Wordpress expert(read details below)

    Hi I am looking for a cheap/reasonable, Wordpress expert, Need to make a good design of a page, using my divi theme and few plugins to make site secure, fast, sustainable, etc.... making home page about services contact privacy blog section country (having list of all states in usa) and top...
  20. Kingjones1994

    Website Developer

    Hello there, I need a website developed. Message me on here for more information. Please don't waste my time thank you