Jquery & asp.net for WordPress & Dot Net Nuke integration

Discussion in 'General Scripting Chat' started by Douffy, Jan 9, 2013.

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    To start with, let me say I have zero to little technical competence in relation to programming so there is no confusion :eek:

    I want to get a 3D image rendering image tool created. Once done I wish to use this within WP & DNN sites as well as a Facebook & Chrome app.

    I do not wish to pay for it to be coded twice but I cannot get away from this DNN platform for the moment.

    Is there a way the rendering tool could be created to be functional within both platforms in addition to the use as an app?

    I have spoken to a few coders for this but the replies I am getting seem to imply it is one of the other, not both, and I thought I would ask the question to a wider audience before I make a decision.

    Be grateful if any replies could be reflective of my technical limitations. Words not exceeding four letters would be great and not that four letter word either ;)