Journey TikTok + CPA 2024

Hello, everyone.

I've decided to test TikTok + CPA.

I have:

1)virtual USA sim card
2)iPhone 11

Unlike other journeys, I will share almost everything, except usernames of my accounts. This way, everyone can repeat the process and achieve the same results, whether positive or negative:)

My initial plan is to promote a vBucks generator.

Content source: YouTube. I will download Fortnite short videos posted in the last 24 hours to ensure the content is interesting for users.

Link: I will edit the videos and add text like "Go to to get V-Bucks for FREE!" I'm not sure if this is the best way. Additionally, I will post video proof that my generator works, pin the video, and add text in the description like in the video.

Accounts: I've bought 5 accounts registered with a USA IP.

I think I need to post at least 100 unique videos a day to get some results. My first problem is to download videos quickly and edit them in bulk. I plan to use Canva for mass editing and some service for downloading videos.

I'm going to update this journal daily, including statistics (Number of videos posted and earnings) and answer on your questions.

Wish me luck!
Do you have any results ?
How's it going so far?

I have accounts and I can get views, but how do I monetize?
I tried with tiktok CPB but I am getting originality strikes.
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