[Journey] Shopify Dropshipping Journey from Scratch


May 3, 2016
Hi Ladies and gentlemen,

Please take your seats. This performance will last for a few months.

So to start I'll make a brief intro about my background, changing one's mindset, experience in internet marketing, hurdles to starting an online business from third world countries, insights about budget, and sharing knowledge with the community ( sharing is caring :p).

I am a Moroccan citizen based in Casablanca, Morocco. I am twenty-eight years old, holding an electrical engineering degree from one of the best schools in Morocco. I work an 8H to 18H job as s business development for payment solutions for one of the leading African payments solutions companies. Backward when I graduated in 2015, my focus was to get a job, save money and get out of third world countries as soon as possible. However, the task wasn't that easy; school applications took a lot of my time, if this time was invested in online business I will be making good chunks of money now.

Lessons learned from graduate school applications:

  1. we are living in an era where you can learn basically anything from the Internet
  2. it's better to learn about entrepreneurship by doing it rather than pay for an MBA titled " entrepreneurship fundamentals"
  3. Taking action is what differentiate entrepreneurs
  4. no more immigrant visa, hail entrepreneur visa (wishes :D)
The turning points in my journey were:

  1. August of 2018 - when I saw that some homies ( local Moroccans) with a basic education background, based in Morocco were making a lot of money online
  2. November 2018 - Canadian Visa refusal
  3. December 2018 - when I got the first order in Fiverr Gigs, I was so happy and I start believing that this should be my focus
I'll be following the points described below:

  1. Dropshipping infrastructure preparation:
    1. Getting a US number
    2. Getting a US physical address ( mail scans and forwarding)
    3. Creating a US-based LLC with an EIN
    4. Getting a VPS ( Amazon Web Services, Digital ocean, or GCloud...)
    5. Choosing a domain name for the Website
    6. Setting Shopify platform ( bonus, how to get Shopify for free until production till 50 sales)
    7. Customizing the Store ( theme and overall looks)
    8. Shopify apps
    9. Payment gateways ( Stripe, Paypal and Amazon ...) ( I can offer consulting on this)
  2. ADs
    1. FB Ads Courses
    2. FB Ads strategies
    3. Google Ads Courses
    4. Google Ads strategies
    5. Bing and other platforms
    6. Instagram influencers
    7. Authority people to learn from
  3. Product Search
    1. Spy tools
    2. Spy on Shopify stores
    3. Google Chrome extensions
    4. e-commerce websites ( Wish, Fancy...)
  4. Running the ads
    1. Strategy
    2. Results - Measuring the ROI
  5. Scaling
    1. Scaling strategies
  6. Journey takeaways
I will try to update this thread at least onetime a week. I am working an 8H to 18H job, so I have limited time. I will try to follow the summary outlined hereinbefore with mild changes if necessary.
Seems well planned journey to me, i will keep an eye on this one, LAH isakher
Take a look at this AMA thread, i'm sure you will get plenty of rich infos there,

Good luck
I am also starting a dropshipping business from Casablanca, Morocco. I would appreciate you to pm me your number.
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