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    Following in the footsteps of a few other posters in this forum, I've decided to create a journal thread in order to help document the steps I'm taking towards reaching my financial goals. I believe that doing things in this manner will help keep me organized and on track as I start down the road to affluence.

    My goals are fairly simple:

    - Earn $400 by the end of the month
    - Earn an additional $2000 within three months
    - Earn an additional $2100 with no specified time limit, but the sooner I can earn it the better.
    Bonus: Set up an autopilot income of at least $1000/month

    These goals should be easily attainable according to other posts I've read on this forum, however I understand that the methods used do play a large part in how quickly I accomplish these goals. As such, I would appreciate any advice that other members would be willing to give me.

    Since I currently have a very limited budget, my choice of methods will primarily revolve around tasks that require very little to no investment of anything other than time, though I hope that this particular issue is resolved quickly.

    I intend to post updates on my progress at least once daily.

    Preparations and Day 0:

    - Spent some time researching promising methods and collated them for later processing
    - Purchased a license for Scrapebox
    - I intend to start on at least one method before the day is out

    Profit report: -$57

    Update 1: started on my first ebook method. Should be able to finish this up by the end of the day.
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