Is it safe to check my Google rankings manually?


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Oct 17, 2011
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I wonder if it is OK if I check my Google rankings manually by searching for my keywords on e.g. twice a week? I'm ranking for many keywords, so I just search for them on Google on my Chrome browser (I'm logged into my Google account). I do not click on any search result, I just check my positions.

Is this safe? I'm doing white-hat SEO only and building links naturally. I currently cannot afford a rank tracking software.
why wouldn't it be safe ? Maybe just use Incognito mode in order to get the real results..
if you have only a few kws then yes :) otherwise you might get blocked , CAPTCHAS , use incognito mode each time you do so
Yeah, its absolutely safe to check. Good is not going to ban or penalize you for checking your website's ranking. I also use to check my website's ranking on a regular basis even daily I go for it.
Dont use manual method, Trust me you will end up with block. Use myserpcheck free tools.
Hi there,
No problem on checking your ranking manually.
Is just gonna be a longer task if you do that keyword by keyword.
You can use various great tools on the web, If you have a few keywords I recommend you :
In order to get real results in your browser, two solutions :
1/ Open a new private chrome browser (Ctrl + Shift + N)
2/ De-personnilize your Chrome browser by adding this line the parameters of Chrome at the end of the Google home page : #q=%s&pws=0 =>
All the best
You can use from Google to check that if i'm not mistaken?
You are taking google way too seriously mate.

True, if you have one website and checking just keywords, there should not be a problem.

If you still are concerned, you could use a free or a cheap proxy.

It depends where you want your website to rank and if you wan to check for (for a US user) or for any other International location or 'local' google.
Instead of it better to get a ranking tracking solution that does provides you automatic updates i have been using those:

Choose what fits your needs.
Don't bother about it! Its safe..
Thank you guys all very much for your advice! I was worried, because Google penalized one my website in the past.
Thank you guys all very much for your advice! I was worried, because Google penalized one my website in the past.
Welcome friend and to be honest with you if you are doing manually checking a alot and open your web with it too can increase bounce rate.

That's why even good internet marketers and Big agencies also using Rank tracking solutions and it's affordable too.
When I do this, I never click on my website's link on the Google search results page.
Not sure about this, but if you manually search and not click on anything, doesn't Google think that the results are irrelevant for the search and might decrease the ranking of the sites that have been listed?
Use a second machine, where you're not logged into your Gmail or google account, if you have access to one.
If not, then use Firefox.
Rank checking doesn't work the way it used to. What may show up as #1 for some people might show up on page 2 for another person. SERPS are much more personalized now. Instead of focusing on rank, you should be focusing on your organic traffic numbers from Analytics.
From experience, I believe it's safe. But you can also use free SERP checker.
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