Iphone or Android

I had like 5 iPhones but only until 3 GS.
Now I'm getting an Android, but I still don't know which one yet.

The new Samsung Galaxy is definitely to big for me.

HTC Desire HD or HTC Sensation would be one option.
Or a different Samsung one, except the big one.

Will see have some days left to think.

/** Just purchased the HTC Desire HD :D
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If you work from home and don't have much money Android is the way to go. If you meat clients and want to be taken seriously and can afford it, get an iPhone.

Both systems are excellent and have their advantages. Whatever you do you won't be making a mistake.
Iphones are great I just like the freedom of choice of phone and network that android gives me. I dont want to be stuck with att with only one phone option. With android you can pick from 10+ providers and 100+ phones.

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iPhone because I didn't have to pay for it. Not an Apple fan but the iPhone is fine.
My first droid phone was the Google nexus one and I so much loved that phone. Think droid is better. Too me it's something about the iphone that makes it plain. Maybe it only come in one or two styles to where as android can be found of various phone styles from different manufacturer.
I've had several of both. As much as I hate apple products I like the iphone. But I would never pay full price for it.

I have the galaxy s2. 2/3 price of an iphone 4S and 2 times stronger than it. And do not forget about the custom ROMS :) Android has a team of developers at xda working to make our phones better than stock. poor iphone users still stuck with 3.5 inch display lol

OH yea you can wait for iphone 5 and maybe u ll get a bigger screen or whatever but would cost you much more than 4S and still wont be open sources :p

Cheers all Android Users!!
wow lots of android lovers here although I own a Nokia smart phone atm but planning to buy iPhone4s but my bad its not yet available in India.

Any guy can ship me 4s :D? also I'm not sure if a USA made iPhone will work here in India bcz one of my friend who took an iPhone from Australia had some kind of problems in inserting an Indian sim card and had some issues with Internet.
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