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Oct 3, 2011
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Alright let's have it are you iphone or droid and why??
I love a droid and I personally think there's no way the iphone can compete!
Android all the way! :)
Android for me as well.. although I've never owned an iphone so I don't know how to compare!
Android user here as well.
Android,more free apps,the price of an iPhone developer license is outrageous even if you share the price with someone
i hate jailbreak things on iphone..
without jailbreak. iphone is just normal phone for me :)
I am currently Using Samsung Galaxy SII and iPod Touch 4th Gen.

I think iOS is much better than Android but the only thing that hold's me back from getting an iPhone is that it has such a tiny Screen! iPhone looks like baby of SII.
I have the first samsung galaxy and I've had it a year. I usually never keep the same phone for longer than 3 months I love this thing!
I have had Android phones ever since the first one came out.
Theres tons of free apps and many choices when it comes to which phone you want.
I am even responding to this thread on my Android phone.
I've had two iphone's and 1 android phone and now plan to stay with android. I think it's a thing of preference. I personally think some of the higher end android phones can do way more than an Iphone just with even the basic firmware and not really using many apps downloaded from Google Appbrain. Also the cost of buying software for Androids is cheap in comparison to prices for Iphone equivalent.

Andriod b/c its open source, its free and its based on linux and there are 1000s of developers improving it constantly while Apple is developed only by their team. One more solid argument - the Android Market full of free apps.

nut i hate the sd card I wish they get rid of it and replace it with a hard drive
Android also supports flash content on websites

Android better, cheaper, faster than iphone.
i love my iPhone, would not change it for anything right now.

10/10 for iPhone from me.

I also like Samsung Galaxy S 2
I like android because of the various designs and features. Also the only thing about the Iphone that changed was their features and how thin it is.

A thing I don't understand is why people complain about Google dominating the world and being corrupt but choose to make Google a super power in yet another lucrative market. They own the internet and now they own the mobile phone market...

What's next the walking in your TV market? Wait Bill Gates already started that... Give it another few years ;).
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