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Introduction and suggestions

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by raz5652, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. raz5652

    raz5652 Newbie

    Dec 27, 2016
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    Hi guys, I am so glad to find this site/forums. Totally new here. Been browsing different forums, reading journeys (failures and success), suggestions. I have learnt quite a few things, most importantly that making money is not as easy as some people suggest.

    I am a 42-year-old taxi driver, married with 2 kids and had enough of my job. I am a lot on the net and would like suggestions from you guys what to do?

    There are three things I have in my mind.

    1) Building a website (which I don't know how) for Dropshipping from Aliexpress (as I have been using Aliexpress for purchases for a few years now). This option seems safer as long-term study income. but would require a lot of hard work. Which I am not scared of.

    2) Building a website and writing different Blogs eg, movie review, car review, tv show review, food review etc. I have actually purchased a domain called HunchTown.com and installed wordpress. That's about it never went any further.

    3) Youtube channel, This option seems the easiest with the most money. I have made 2 channels one for kids gameplay and one for Aliexpress review. Made 3 videos on Kids channel and one on Aliexpress, but nothing happened. Other things I was considering was to copy some videos edit and upload (funny, Crashes, Fights) etc. But after reading these forums I came to know that a channel could be taken down for no reason at all. So that will have a shocking effect on income.

    Now what I am looking to do is do all three. Start with drop shipping with Aliexpress to reach a monthly income of $1500. then start writing some blogs and work on that. At the end do the youtube channel.

    I have seen quite a few people very helpful here and would like any suggestions,
    Plus what do you thing os HunchTown.com, What would be the best use of this domain?

    Thanks in advance.