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    hi everyone, i read some posts on this forum for a short while now and decided to become more active on the forum.

    i got interested in seo/marketing 2-3 years ago was quite active for a while but had to focuss on my study

    recently i decided to get back in the game, and read alot about autoblogging so i want to get started with that. already have experimented a bit with some tools and techniques on 2 free wordpress blogs


    im curious what you think about them so far

    almost everyone here suggests using paid hosting and plugins. does that mean free wordpress hosted blogs are a waste of time?
    also some people sugest going large niche like health instead of smaller subniches like weightloss, other people sugest the oposite so whats best large niche or small niche with autoblogging

    let me know if you have any questions , looking forward to kick_ass in this field of marketing wish me luck

    your sincerley,

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