Internet Marketing Acronyms - A Simple Guide

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    OK, so i see this at least once a day while reading threads. Somebody will quote a resource and use acronyms, then the next post will be from somebody asking what XYZ is.

    In tho hope of educating at least 1 person today I decided to create a little collection of popular acronyms used within our industry.

    AJ - Ask Jeeves
    AM - Affiliate Manager
    AOL- America Online
    AOV - Average Order Value
    ASP - Application Service Provider
    AV - AltaVista
    AW - Affiliate Window
    B2B - Business to Business
    B2B - Business to Business
    B2C - Business to Consumer
    B2C - Business to Customer
    BHO - Browser Helper Object
    BHW - Black Hat World
    BL - Backlink
    CAC - Customer Acquisition Cost
    CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
    CJ - Commission Junction Affiliate Network
    CL - Craigslist
    CPA - Cost per Action
    CPC - Cost Per Click
    CPL - Cost per Lead
    CPM - Cost Per Thousand
    CPO - Cost per Order
    CPS - Cost Per Sale
    CR - Conversion Rate/Ratio
    CSE - Comparison Shopping Engine or Custom Search Engine (Google)
    CSS - Cascading Style Sheet
    CTR - Click-Through Rate/Ratio
    DC - Data Center
    DH - Direct Hit
    DLL - Dynamic-Link Library
    DMOZ - Directory - Mozilla
    EPC - Earnings Per Click
    FB - Facebook
    FFA - Free-For-All Link List
    GAN - Google Affiliate Network
    HTML - HyperText Markup Language
    IBL - Inbound Link
    IM - Instant Messaging
    LS - Linkshare Affiliate Network
    LSA - Latent semantic analysis
    LSI - Latent Semantic Indexing
    LTV - Lifetime Value
    MFA - Made For Adsense
    MLM - Multi-Level Marketing
    MSN - Microsoft Network
    NL - Northert Light
    NS - Nameserver
    NSI - Network Solutions
    OBL - Outbound Link
    ODP - Open Direcrory Project, See DMOZ
    OWBL - One way back link
    PDF - Portable Document Format
    PFI - Pay For Inclusion
    PFP - Pay For Performance
    PMA - Performance Marketing Association
    PPA - Pay Per Action
    PPC - Pay Per Click
    PPCall - Pay Per Call
    PPCSE - Pay Per Click Search Engine
    PPL - Pay Per Lead
    PPS - Pay Per Sale
    PPV - Pay Per View
    PR - PageRank
    PV - Page View
    RI - Regular index
    ROI - Return on Investment
    RON - Run Of Network
    ROS - Run Of Site
    RSS - RDF Site Summary, Rich Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication
    RSS - Rich Site Summery or Really Simple Syndication
    SAS - Shareasale Affiliate Network
    SB - Scrape Box
    SE - Search Engine
    SEA - Search Engine Advertising / Advertiser
    SEM - Search Engine Marketing
    SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    SEP - Search Engine Positioning
    SERP - Search Engine Results Page
    SI - Supplemental Index
    SID - Shopper ID
    SSE - Yahoo! Search Submit Express
    SSP - Yahoo! Search Submit Pro
    SWL - SiteWide Link
    TBPR - Toolbar PageRank
    TOS - Terms Of Service
    TR - Trust Rank
    URL - Uniform Resource Locator
    UV - Unique Visitor
    VIPS - Visual-block Page Segmentation
    WSO - Warrior Special Offers
    WWW - World Wide Web
    XML - Extensible Markup Language
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