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    Dial Premium Rate Numbers

    This is a dial and disconnect process does not require manpower. The recorded advertisement of various companies is played by IVR. All these numbers will be provided by us which the center which will be dial through the predictive dialer or soft phone/s. we are interconnected and have a physical presence in London with telecom companies in the UK, Russia and Austria who are giving us the highest out payments in those countries on non-geographic and premium rate numbers. We are partners across the globe allowing us to offer you premium rate and other numbers in every country that are available at the moment and, we have built a solid relationship for paying clients on the time with the best possible rates, our payment cycle are daily and hourly depending on the premium rate numbers used. Moreover we have also mentioned the testing numbers of every country. There is no paperwork for this project but if paper work is require fulfilling the government or banking policies then we are open for it.
    Mode of payment : Cash deposit in any bank or cash pickup from India and Italy, Westren Union, Money gram, Pay pal. Please note we are not offering any bank guarantee neither issuing any letter of credit against your out payments. Daily payout on the condition of consumption of 5k minutes of 1 particular country in a day else it will be roll over for the next working day until the committed volume of 5K of the same country is consumed. We are also issuing dedicated online live stats which reflect total consumption and prepare records of your own future prospects.
    The minimum duration of single call needs to be 5 minutes and maximum can be up to 60 minutes.
    For more information related with dialing patterns, troubleshooting, rate cards of other countries please feel free to contact us

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