1. mrsmilyy

    way to get SubMagic premium free

    Hy everyone, Is this anyway to get this bullshit freely ? it's very expenssive !! and i know any AI do the same thing with this perefection and all the option included sound imoji good style change postion for any sub duration it's just amazing but how to get it free or less expensive even if...
  2. bytebandit

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  4. HeavensPro

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  5. zarrakdesigner


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  6. thread 1.PNG

    thread 1.PNG

  7. Caviston

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  8. dinokrizty

    Canva Pro Invites Free

    Hello BHW Members.. Here You Can Join Canva pro Link
  9. el_cucuy

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  10. Xavicrack1

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  11. Twistler

    Allow OP to Reply on WTB Posts Without Account Upgrade

    In the "Want To Buy" section, allow the OP to reply to their thread even if they don't have the Premium or Jr. VIP upgrade. This can be useful if the thread gets lost and needs a bump, or for the OP to let others know that they are still looking for offers. I know Premium and Jr. VIP needs...
  12. Twistler

    Is Jr. VIP/Premium Worth It?

    Is Jr. VIP or Premium worth it? Jr. ViP seems to be if you are a seller but what if you're not a seller. I would love to support the forum but $100-$147 per year is alot. Also, how much do people pay for signatures? Thanks :)
  13. Editorial Guru

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  14. Shadexpwn

    I turned AMERICAN EUROPEAN ¿mistake?

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  15. R

    Youtube prmium views

    Hello, I need help from someone with a monetized youtube channel. Just curious how much does youtube pay per premium views? I don't know how it works and I can't seem to find an answer on the internet, all I've heard is that these views give more money, do they pay per view? per minute...
  16. Kraftwerk

    Hi! Developer making 6 figures in CPA here. Started with Chrome Extensions.

    Hi BHW Members, I'm following posts on this forum for a couple of years now and I got some valuable informations here. I made most of my income on sweepstakes working with direct advertiser for 3$ payout US geo, top traffic source was sms, search(google was hell to do). I recently started with...
  17. blue_knight

    Free Premium Account for Nvidia Geforce Now (Founders Subscription)

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  18. F


    I need grammarly premium account
  19. Heisenberg

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