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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by plainjane, Apr 3, 2015.

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    I spoke to a friend who is employed by a huge youtube network. He was mentioning a feature in which they can take any channel/video in their network and drive all the views to another channel. For example:

    20% of the views from smallchannel1, smallchannel2, etc is transferred over to Pewdiepie's latest video. (this is an example, Pewdiepie is not with his network)

    I was shocked to hear this. Do most networks have this option? He says so many smaller channels sign on to his network and will see a view drop but they will have no idea why. They can't tell they are doing this.

    So if you see a view drop after signing with a network BE CAREFUL!

    Wonder if this can be done with subs too? I used to get 300-400 subs a day until I signed with my recent network and now I average 190 or so. I couldn't figure out what happened.
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    Basically they are able to plant redirects on youtube videos what would mean they have access to the YT Backend?

    i call that bullshit, if true, they should be sued.