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Interest in PBN creation tools ??

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Astaroth11, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Astaroth11

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    May 9, 2014
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    Hi all,

    I've had some quite limited success in Internet marketing, so far mainly by building long tail SEO sites with Adsense for that generates $1-5 USD daily, pays for domains and servers, but not much more than that I'm afraid. However, I'm slowly realizing that my primary skills perhaps lies more within software development than hardcore internet marketing. So, I'd like to see if any of the tools I've built for myself would be commercially interesting to anyone on this forum. I'll just throw it out and you let me know what you think.

    Tool #1 WordPress. PBN (Private blog network) Server and client

    This is a pair of plugins that are working together to feed content to WordPress based PBN sites. You install the PBNserver-plugin on a non indexed WordPress site and the PBNClient-plugins on any number of PBN WordPress sites. On the client sites, you assign one or more Categories to subscribe to, you may for instance create a few PBN sites with the category "Casino" and another few sites with the category "Poker".

    Next you add a lot of content to the server and place each article in categories matching the client sites. Each article you place in the "Poker" category on the server will be transferred to all the client sites that subscribe to "Poker" articles and so on. To avoid duplicate content problems, the server supports spinning, so the articles you add should be written in Spintax-syntax meaning that each of the PBN client sites gets a unique version of the article. You can spin the title, content, images used etc. The first image in an article is automatically set as the featured image on the client side. All tags and categories/subcategories are transferred to the new site. Images are downloaded so that they are served locally from the client PBN site.

    The tool makes it fairly easy to control what content that goes out to each PBN site and at the same time tries to minimize the risk of getting duplicate content.

    Tool #2 WordPress Wallpaper site, client and server.
    Tools #2 is very similar to the first one but it's entierly focused on creating Wallpaper sites using WordPress. It's based on the idea that you are running 4-5 (or more) Wallpaper sites and that you want to make sure that each site gets new content on a regular basis and that no single image ends up on more than one Wallpaper site. It's also based on the idea that in order to make a Wallpaper site work well, a few lines of original content should be added to each page. So when I add content to my Wallpaper site, I typically spend between 10-60 seconds on each image to write a unique title and description for each image. So by nature, this pair of tools is much more "white hat" than tool #1.

    (A quick note. Both the server and the client relies on using php-libcurl, so these two plugins might not work on the dirt cheap PHP hosting services)

    Tool #3 Site creation tools
    When I create a new PBN site, I simply run a command from the bash command prompt on my server that automatically 1) creates a new DB user 2) downloads, installs and configures WordPress using wp-cli 3) Install a bunch of my favorite plugins and 4) updates the configuration on nginx or Apache2 so that the new site is accessible from the outside. All and all, in under 10 minutes I can buy a domain, add it to CloudFlare and have a WordPress up and running with content dripping in to it from using the Tool #1 described above.

    (When I build my PBN sites, I put them behind a proxy like CloudFlare so that big G won't know that they are actually on the same server. The actual sites are running on DigitalOcean instances. I currently have 10 sites running on a $5 instance and abount 15 running on a $20 instance, this tool #3 will only be valuable to ppl running a similar approach)


    So, to get to the point. I'd like to know if there's any interest in publishing these to tools as a downloadable package.
    • Does this sound remotely interesting? If not, why?
    • If you are interested, what would you say is a fair price for a usage license?
    • Would you be interested in ongoing support (meaning either a higher one-time licence fee or a monthly recurring fee) or would you prefer to purchase once and fiddle around yourself?
    • Do you immediately think of any killer features that you would like to add?
    • Would you be interested in being a beta tester?

    Any feedback is welcome.