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Instant Transfer Problem at PayPal

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by goobers206, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. goobers206

    goobers206 Newbie

    Jan 27, 2011
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    Well, over the weekend I encountered a problem especially for all of you that rely on the instant transfer from your bank when your Paypal funds are low. There is an Instant Transfer Problem at Paypal and when you call there is no solution, no answers or at least anything logical that they told me.This is my story and it caused me alot of grief and many unnecessary hours on hold, time trying to get thru an automated system that wanted to know what my problem was ? and it don?t understand that you want to talk to a ?REAL? person.
    Ok what happened was that I normally I keep an average of $100.00 in my Paypal and the rest I send to my checking like I have always done for the last 6 years. When I pay things and then there is now enough in there is has always been instantly taken from my checking account until this weekend. AND no it didn?t matter that my account was a verified account in good standing.
    This weekend that option was NOT available ? the only option that was available was echeck from my bank or credit card. Well the echeck would take 3 ? 5 business days and I really don?t like using my credit card and it?s only on there for emergencies. So I got on the phone and called them.
    Now grant you I had to go thru so many loops and run around from so many different support people that transferred me to another person that transferred me to another and finally to a supervisor that had to transfer me to their supervisor to hear ? get this ? that this is a ?new? security system that they have installed to help them with fraud.
    So they apologized for this as they see that my account in in good standing and that they would override the system so that I would have instant again. AND this one supervisor did and for the rest of the weekend this worked great UNTIL today ? same thing again.
    Again I called to go thru all the same crap again to only hear the same crap again but this time this person said that they could not override the system and tried everything that they knew to try and it was not working and asked him so now what???????
    Well the answer I got was that you can try again in a couple hours and it might go thru ? see this ?new? security puts all the transactions in a big pot and then it randomly picks this one to pay instantly and this one it will not. By this time I was steaming and said so you are going to put my account in that random pot ? someone that has been a loyal paying customer for 6 years and in good standing that just does not make sense.
    So then they tried to tell me that the computer just picks numbers and it?s nothing personally against me. Well you know me by now as I like to keep things on a personal basis am fuming ? so now I?m just a number in your big pot ? does matter that you have always got paid from my bank all these years. I even told them that I can understand you reasoning for wanting to do this and think that the accounts that have ripped you off, not paid you should be the ones in that big pot ? not your customers that are in good standing.
    So warning ? if you rely on instant transfer from your bank ? don?t be surprised is this is not available for you sometime ? so when you are paying make sure that it?s saying instantly from you bank ? otherwise echeck from your bank or this will show as xyz on your credit card. Being so upset after all this, I went to Google afterwards to see if I was the only one that was having this problem and this is what I found ? pretty disturbing if you ask me from a processor that so many of us rely on. I look forward to hearing your comments and your views on the instant transfer problem at Paypal and am hoping to find some solution. Please pm if this something you can help me with I don't get Skype.