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Instagram method: please critique

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by blackdesigner, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. blackdesigner

    blackdesigner Newbie

    Feb 10, 2016
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    Hey BHW,

    In preparation for my Instagram journey I've spent a while reading everything I can on BHW to glean the best insights and techniques to succeeding. There is a lot of great content here, but it is often hard to parse for noobs (like me)

    I present my findings here for everyone, and would really appreciate it if you could give a little feedback so we can make this a comprehensive guide. It's by no means exhaustive, but my goal is to create a solid foundation for any instagram based journey.


    1. Before you begin

    • Realize this is a long-game. There are shortcuts, but most successes appear to take at least 6 months... most take nearly a year of continuous hustle
    • Have a plan. Map out what you want to achieve, with deadlines and have a solid method to get you there. Make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T
    • Figure out how many accounts/follows/likes you will need to achieve your goals based on established examples. If inclined, do a simple financial model so you know what your costs/month (both time and $$$) will be and when you can expect to break even.

    2. Getting Started.

    • Pick a niche that fits as many of the following criteria as possible:
      • Interests you
      • Has multiple accounts with 1MM+ followers with high engagement levels
      • Has an abundance of unique content that can be repurposed or remixed and reposted.
      • Ties into a clear, proven monetization scheme.

    3. Creating accounts

    • The older the account the better. Newer accounts are subject to a lot of scrutiny
    • You can buy aged accounts (be sure to activate them within 24hrs of receipt of they may ‘die'). Vendors can be found on BHW
    • You can set up accounts manually, but will need multiple sim cards (Approximately $1/sim).
    • Make sure every account has at least a profile photo, a few images and a blurb. You can also buy a few hundred followers to start with 'social proof', although this might not be necessary
    • If you are creating accounts at scale, give each account it's own proxy (maximum 3 per proxy)

    4. Content Creation

    • Instagram is a boredom/popularity engine - a platform built around giving people distraction from their daily lives whilst forming a habit loop based on a share/reward cycle. Buzzsumo & unworthy analyses what kind of content does best on social and found:
      • Positive content is more successful than negative content.
      • Content that evoked high arousal emotions—positive or negative—is more viral than content without emotion.
      • Practically useful content gets shared
    • Instagram's image algorithms reward unique content, so wherever possible use unique content.
    • You can scrape content from other users like repost (iOS) or use chrome plugins, rss feeds or even scrape scripts on github to gather a huge catalogue of content. This content can be stored in google drive/dropbox and used with FL or MP and be posted automatically
    • put together an inspiration board based on the kind of content that gets the most likes, follows and comments within your niche - then use this as the foundation for all of your contnet creation, or content scraping. Note the popular hashtags and be sure to add a spun selection to every post. Do not add the max # of hashtags to every post, it looks spammy.

    5. Growing accounts

    • short summary: the goal is to give the appearance of a regular users activity, but at scale. So you share good content, Find & follow people who are interested in your niche, like/comment on anyone who follows you back or who is in your niche. engage with people.
    • Ensure all posts have relevant hashtags (split test your hashtag placement between the comment section and the image description - some people find one works better than the other)
    • Use a tool like iconosquare the get some metrics on the best times to post, then schedule all of your posts around high engagement times

    6. Following

    • Find a selection of successful accounts within your niche, then systematically follow their followers
    • It's important to ‘warm up' your accounts. to do this you gently ramp up your activity level each day until you reach the 'ideal' settings. example:
    ... 100 follows/day for 2 days​
    ... 200 follows/day for 2 days​
    ... 350 follows/day for 2 days
    ... and so on until reach the current suggested settings:​

    • 1800 likes per day (17-22 second delay)
    • 450-600 follows per day (15-20 second delay)
    • 350-450 unfollow per day (15-20 second delay)
    • Minimum of 1-2 photos posted manually per day while running these settings

    7. Pruning accounts (aka unfollowing).

    • Do not follow/unfollow at the same time
    • Once you reach the 7500 follow limit, wait 24-48 hours before you begin unfollowing.
    • When you start unfollowing, ramp up slowly
    ... 100 unfollows/day for 2 days​
    ... 200 unfollows/day for 2 days​
    ... 350 unfollows/day for 2 days​
    ... and so on until you are max out at 800 unfollows per day.​

    • Once you have unfollowed everyone, wait 24-48hrs and repeat the follow process

    8. Bots, Manual or hybrid?

    • Manual is best, but time-consuming.
    • Bots (like FL or MP) are great, but you have to be very careful with your settings to avoid bans
    • Hybrid can be achieved by using imacros apps on laptops or android phones to automate a number of activities, thus achieving the best of both worlds.
    • If using bots, make sure to engage night mode.

    9. Accelerating Growth
    • Shoutouts (usually paid) are a quick way to get targetted followers, but there is a risk because you never know what your money will get you
    • Ask your followers to like, comment and share your posts.
    • Cross promote across your accounts.
    • Beware of F4F, it usually results in low-value followers.

    10. Above all else, be consistent and keep learning

    Special thanks goes to everyone who has consistently posted their instagram journeys, justchillin and wizard04 for their informative posts.

    I'd love to get you thoughts, critiques and feedback on this. Thanks
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  2. Fuzzigog

    Fuzzigog Newbie

    Jun 24, 2017
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    Reading in 2017. Great info.

    Did you put it into action and how did it work?
  3. MisterF

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    Nov 29, 2009
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    He/she's not been back on here for 6 months mate.
    blackdesigner was last seen:

    Jan 23, 2017
  4. Fuzzigog

    Fuzzigog Newbie

    Jun 24, 2017
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    Haha. K. Thanks. Didn't know that could be seen.

    What do you think about his method?

    It seems like a common thread that whether it's SEO or Instagram or YouTube, consistency with information is the key?

    4 posts a day Instagram. 100 pages/posts SEO. 3 videos a week YouTube.