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instagram mega bot / instagram bots

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by guyguy25, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. guyguy25

    guyguy25 Newbie

    Oct 13, 2014
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    I, like some others on the forum having being trouble with instagram megabot. I feel like I have tested everything and wondered if it was possible to get the really fast follower growth that it claims anymore.

    I have tested comments and likes across a really wide range of settings for random delay 1, 2 , master delay and wait as well as maximum comments/ like day. These tests have been cross referenced against the sort of profiles I have targeted with these likes/ comments. The furthest I have got is temporary bans for too many likes / comments despite a gradual increase in speed, but not to the point where I build an account at a good speed.

    When it comes to follow/ unfollows i have been told by support at autobotsolutions that a large number of unfollows per day say over a few hundred would trigger the instagram algorithm which makes follows then unfollows not possible to increase without coming close to the instagram limit for follows.

    Although I think in theory it must be a great program anyones shared experience or advice would be much appreciated :)