instagram help scaling please insta keeps asking for PVA

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    I really really hope someone can help me with scaling or some good advice. I've managed to get a steady 2$-5$ a day with insta + ogads + FL. My configuration:

    1. 30 insta accounts with 1 proxy for every 3 accounts. Proxy is from

    2. Every 3 accounts the same bio and website link

    3. Followliker is following/unfollowing 250-300 everyday and sharing a pic every 6 hours

    The main issue i'm getting is a phone verification every 10-12 hours. I verify succesfully with Textplus (even tried numbers from friends and family), however after 10-12 hours i need to verify them again. The crazy thing is there some accounts (also random) which are :"alive" for 3 days straight.

    I noticed one thing. When i remove the website link the accounts stays alive a lot lot longer (over a week). For example my website is I'm using this format , etc. Is this the wrong format should i use another unique domain? I really believe this is causing the phone verification trigger.

    Thank you very much for reading and replying!