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Jan 15, 2015
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Hi All,
I am looking for a working Instagram auto follow/liker.
I used in the recent past Follow/Liker... which after the recent updates fro IG stopped working properly.

Any ideas?

Yeah, Jarvee is a great tool, have a lot of functions, and pretty easy to use.
I wouldn't name a particular bot as there's no one particular bot which works best for everyone.
What I would suggest you is to check out the BHW Marketplace's Social Media section, there are quite some out there.

And most of them have a free trial or a 7-15 days money back guarantee which you can make use of and try all of them yourself.
And don't forget to read their reviews before you place an order!
Have a look around there are a tone of Instagram tools available. Look in the tools, download and market
place for the best options that fit your needs. Also make sure to go with members that have a respectful
background here at BHW. Best of luck.
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