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    Hello everyone :)

    I'm kinda newbie in this Instagram game and have been planning to build up some accounts using a bot like followliker. However, after searching information here and there I feel really overwhelmed and don't really know where to start. I have a lot of questions that I need answers because I don't want avoidable bad things to happen later down the track. It would be terrible to have a 100K account at some point and have it banned just because I messed up something in the beginning.

    So here are some questions...

    1.Apparently you have to use proxy and VPS when you are following with a bot. Do you also have to use proxy (the same proxy you put into followliker) and VPS when you are creating the IG accounts and the emails for those accounts?

    2. When you are creating emails it asks your phone number to verify email. Is this a footprint that should be eliminated? If it is what are the ways around it? Do you have to buy phone verified emails or is there some trick over it?

    3. When I'm making these emails for Instagram accounts can IG somehow see who owns that email? Do you have to use fake name in those emails or can you use your own name?

    4. How about IG accounts. If I have automated 100 accounts obviously I can't use my own personal information in all of them right? If they start checking these accounts they'll see that they are all owned by the same person and they'll ban them all. Can that actually happen?

    5. If I understood right if I have an account automated in a proxy from spain I can't just log in and use it negligently in Finland on my phone because that suspicious right?
    --> Let's say I want to use that account for something manually? How would I do that if I can't use it on my phone?
    -->However, If I want to stop using the bot in that specific account later on can I start to use it on my phone? How does it work?

    6. Does IG punish accounts that have used a bot at some point but don't use it anymore? (Assuming they get caught). Is it actually even possible to get caught like that?

    7. Can you schedule post pictures on followliker?

    8. What is a good VPS provider? I live in Finland. Does that matter?

    9. If I buy proxies is it good for them to be as close to Finland as possible? Is it bad if they are in United States for example? What is the best place to buy proxies for this purpose?

    10. Is there actually anything illegal here you can do by accident?

    So that's all the questions I can remember for now.
    If you could answer any of these questions I would be really grateful. :)

    Also if you guys know something more to take into consideration I'd love to hear.
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    Hey OP you are doing a big mistake here and this mistake is: Overthinking.
    I will try to answer all your questions, but as I wrote ^ just simply jump on the IG botting train and see for yourself.

    1. If you bot only 5 accs for example you can use FL without proxies, If you want to bot more accs then consider buying proxies.
    - You can use FL without VPS (this means you should run it on your own PC 24/7).
    - It's always a + to create accs with IP in the same country where your proxies are from, but it's not mandatory.

    2. You can buy emails from the BHW marketplace (gmail works the best).

    3. Use whatever you want, all of my emails use fake info.

    4. That's why when you bot a large number of accs you need to be very cautious not to leave footprints:
    - different domains in bio of all accs
    - different proxies

    5. Let's say you bot an acc with a proxy for USA, but you live in Narnia and want to manually be logged into the acc to upload photos for example or check other things:
    -you can use a proxy tool on your phone/pc to use the same USA proxy you are using in the bot.
    -you can simply login into your acc from Narnia and forget that the bots proxy is from USA (the max you can get is a phone verification from IG or password reset). That's why a BIG + is to have physical sim cards.

    6. IG can shadowban your account, what does it mean ? -> IG can limit your account engagement (post reach), your posts won't show in certain hashtags, block you from unfollowing/following too much profiles a day. That's why you need to use non aggressive settings on your bot, like these for example : this is a great guide and it will never get outdated.

    7. Yes you can.

    8. Nope it doesn't matter if you are from Finland, Narnia, Mars, the Moon.

    9. It's always better to use proxies close to your country like European proxies for example, but USA can also do the work.

    10. Illegal ? Depends on what you are planning to do with these accounts.
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    thanks for taking your time and response - i had same questions
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