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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by caf20012, Mar 9, 2017.

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    Hi All,

    Im currently struggling to create bulk accounts on Instagram to use in Massplanner.

    At this moment im using bluestacks and BSTweaker along with a dynamic IP address to create accounts using e-mails whilst change the relevant settings it BSTweaker.

    I also have 100 semi dedicated proxies, which are France originated. The only concern in my method uses for phone verification which are all from China which i think might be the issue when verifying mobile numbers when prompted too by Massplanner. My warm up settings are just to follow 20-30 accounts a day for the first two days but before i can edit the settings i get the notification for account verification and then it becomes disabled. No images or profile picture is uploaded at any stage or neither is the bio edited.

    Therefore can anyone advise if they think its my method and which particular part? If it is using a mobile sms receiver which is chinese, then can someone share confidentially a website that supports France, as im not prepared to order hundreds of Sim cards.

    Many thanks,

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    I believe the problem with your method are the phone #'s you're using. I've also been using Chinese numbers without any problem until today. I tested a few accounts and all were banned immediately after phone verification.

    What you need to do to pinpoint the problem with your method is to TEST. If you think the problem is with your proxies, try a different provider. If you think the problem is with phone #'s, use different numbers. It can be a frustrating thing to deal with but if done correctly, you'll eventually find the magic formula.
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    Like @froger said, proxies and phone numbers are the biggest things you need to worry about. If you get banned, try using the same phone number provider but with a different ip. If you still get banned, try the same proxy but with a different phone number. Test test test until you find the cause of bans.

    You don't need hundreds of sim cards, you just need 10-20. Use them on day 1, wait a few days, use them again on day 5, repeat.
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