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Jun 19, 2016
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Hi Guys,

I know the females here are few and between, so I'm glad I'm here to even it out more. haha

I'm an old hat at SEO, and Website design, (self taught) used to own 3 very successful e-commerce websites back 15 years ago when ebay just started. Sold them for a tonne of money, then brought a new business with the money that was the worse decision of my life. Then real life had some great downfalls, the last few years I've been working for someone else, (Which I said I would never ever do again) until a few months ago. I found a new way to work from home and I'm back in the website game. This time it's in the adult industry.

I can't believe how many things have changed (and what hasn't ) in that time... Anyway overnight I have started a new blog and started two white label cam sites as a side adventure to my other stuff.

Any help or advice you can throw my way regarding these will be valued. ( also ways to up my twitter followers ? )

In the meantime I'll be reading all the posts available on this forum.

Not open for further replies.
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