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    Dear BHW fam,

    I'm still very new to the wonderful world of SEO however, I've quickly grown to appreciate a cleverly designed info graphic (IG) or info-active. After recently watching TDKR 3x already, I was thinking about the whole good vs. evil notion and possibly incorporating that into an IG of WH vs. BH.

    From my understanding, if we can make a potentially viral IG and properly seed this w/all the top SEO friendly Social Sharing sites, this can create great natural links for your page. Maybe I'm just thinking out loud but, I wanted to see if anyone here has already had great success with an IG or knows anyone who has?!

    Feel free to post the link to the IG or share any ideas for a new one! I look forward to making one with our talented SEO firm here in FL.

    In my best Bane voice, "Speak of the devil and he shall appear.", "Do you FEEEEEEL in charge??"