indiegogo ranking algorithm advices? how to make a campaign popular?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by ingredible, May 19, 2013.

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    Tonight we are going to start our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.
    It's a unique - never been there - idea but it is also in the notorious "Make Money Online" category. So we maybe need to push it.
    We gave the script to about 25 people and they all said it looks good and they want to know more.

    I know that the idea will be successfull and a real enrichment to the people on this world. So we want to give our best to make this campaign successfull on indiegogo.
    Do you have any advices to get the campaign placed in the "Popular-Category" on indiegogo?

    P.S. Our target is not to raise much money, our first target is to attract as many "early-adopters" for this new plattform as possible. Which should be easy because on our plattform everybody will make money, without having to invest any money.
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