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    Hey everybody,

    I became interested in internet marketing because I am managing partner on a sales floor where we buy home based business type of leads every week. Some of these leads end up being worth up to 300 dollars per lead on average, which means we end up paying the provider of the the lead 10s of thousands of dollars if we have a good week. We sell packages of around an average of $7500.

    So to get to my point, i watched how much we were paying out to lead brokers and wanted to figure out how to generate our own lead in order to save our company a ton of money. I have been doing everything i can to learn about internet marketing and lead generation for the last year and a half, and i have been studying how the big guys generate leads from their sales pages to their landing pages, to the actual product they offer. I have been developing my own system, and i hope to have it launched by August.

    My question is: Would offering a percentage of total sales from leads generated be a good incentive for affiliate marketers? For example, if an affiliate provided us with leads through marketing our product, and we were able to convert those leads to $15,000 in sales, we'd pay the affiliate a 10% sales commision, on top of the 75% from the initial sale that they made on clickbank.

    So in addition to the 75% they made from clickbank percentages, we'd also pay another $1500 on top of that for the sales that the leads generated for us.

    Just curious if vendors ever offer this type of incentive to their affiliates or if it's even something that most affiliates would go for? Any help would be very much appreciated.