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InAdBus - PTC/PTRE/PSTU/X-Traffic [New]

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by Strans, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Strans

    Strans Newbie

    Mar 18, 2016
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    What is InAdBus?

    InAdBus is NOT an MLM (multi-level marketing), pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme or get-rich-quick program. InAdBus is a Get Paid To (GPT) all-in-one program operated by experienced members like you in team; admin, co-admin, developers/coders, support members, a member responsible of sales.

    What does InAdBus offer?

    InAdBus offers the following services:
    - Paid To Click (PTC) Advertisements
    - Paid To Read (PTR) Emails
    - Paid To Signup (PTSU)
    - Traffic Exchange


    - Earn up to $0.0016 per click
    - Earn 0.0400$ per signup
    - Earn 0.0010$ per email
    - 50 X-Traffic credits signup bonus
    - Unlimited direct referrals for all members
    - Minimum Payout 1$ by Perfect Money only

    Website: inadbus.pw
  2. Strans

    Strans Newbie

    Mar 18, 2016
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    Members Promotion:

    What is Promo Membership?

    Promo Membership is offered by InAdBus for everyone who has joined or wants to join, this membership is given automatically to the first 100 registered members. Promo Membership duration is 1 month.

    What are the benefits?

    • 0.01$ minimum payout
    • 8% downline earnings
    • 50 X-Credits Bonus

    Is it possible to renew?

    Yes, you must fulfill some requirements like posting proof of payment in order to be eligible for another 1 month Promo Membership. if you don't complete those parameters your account will return to the previous basic membership.

    Advertisers Promotion:

    What are current promotions?

    InAdBus currently offers these promos for advertisers (see Advertising Offers section):

    • 3000 PTC Ads Credits = 1$ (1,000,000 Credits Bonus)
    • 1200 PTR Emails Credits = 2$ (1,000,000 Credits Bonus)
    • 24 Guaranteed Signups = 2$ (300,000 Credits Bonus)

    What are accepted payment processors?

    InAdBus accepts only Perfect Money as a payment processor.

    Note: if you have any question, let us know please

    InAdBus admin