Mar 29, 2018
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i have a good idea ... i want some advice !!!!
First, I know that are a 3 basic methods to improve email list

Relationship / The expert / solving problems

i known how to build a good relationship and solving the problems
but in the expert i will do this

example ... Suppose that i choose niche of depression

i will read 5 book about depression + i will doing a deep internet Search about it for 7 days (8 hour daily)

and when i build email list i will put my real name and photo and i will say in the first mail

hi there .. thank for Subscribe i hope you enjoy my gift ... my name is hamza and i read 5 book about depression and i do a deep online Search about depression in the last 7 day 8 hours daily so i can help you to Solve your problems with depression believe me i can... Tomorrow I will send you a wonderful article you can say that is the second gift waiting for me tomorrow ... thank you

this is just the beginning after that i will send to him a good content and i will market to him a good product that cost 200$ to solve the problem with depression

do you think that the Subscribers will trust me and the conversion rate of email list will improved !!!!!