iMacros and Business Directories

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    I've recently been granted the fun job of manually entering and filling out business directories for my company...

    I just discovered iMacros and have been getting very familiar with it and using it to submit our 13 locations to one directory at a time. This has sped up the process significantly, but the job is still tedious.

    Anyone know of any other ways/scripts out there that would make it more automated. I have searched the forum and have found directory submitters, but would really like to stick with iMacros...since it's free.

    Any help is appreciated and I'm still a newb at this.

    [Side note]
    Most of the scripts I've created, I would have it fill out the form then open a new tab when it's done....the problem is, I would like it to start filling out the next location on the tab that was just recently opened. Since I dont know the coding for that, I place a 6 second wait and drag the new tab and place it in position 1 so it would start the loop again.

    If anyone knows how to solve this, I would kiss the ground you walk on lol