I'm more lost than blind in a shooting


Aug 17, 2020
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Well, my outliers friends ...

I broke down at the end of 2016 and from 2017 until today I started selling cracked software, which is cracked software. In this transaction I have already reached $ 3000 per month. I ended up on a roof where I can no longer climb and the problems are constant, the type of public that buys these items is very bad to deal with.

I come here in all humility to ask for help.
I want to start over and change the path to something that earns more and that can be scalable.

I'm definitely broke, but I have Google accounts to serve ads (more than $ 1,000 distributed in the accounts I have).

I am not asking for your gold, but for a north where I can start again and get results in a short time.