If I can do it anyone can!

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    I've seen alot of threads from people asking how to get started and other silly questions. This thread is to basically try and get them to open there eyes!! I was in the exact same boat as the rest of you, no job, no experience of internet marketing and had very little motivation. Now on the other hand I have experience (not as much as most on BHW but it's still experience), still no job (unless creating sites is a eligible excuse) and high motivation for the world of IM.

    I can gladly say with the excellent contributions on BHW from more experienced user and a lot of reading I'm now earning $10 every 2-3 days (avg). I know it's not a lot but for someone who had no experience and also wasn't going far in life, it fills like a great accomplishment! It's all auto pilot now the site and videos are up and running and is just down to me to step it up a notch! More videos, niches and traffic.

    7/3 = 2.3 ($10 every 3 days, 7 days divided by 3, safe to say I'm gonna earn $20 a week min)
    $20 x 4 = $80 (weekly avg multiplied by 4 weeks.)
    So my grand total for sitting on my a** or messing about with my mates is... $80 a month!

    Not alot I know but think about it this way, were did all these internet gurus start? All these people that claim to be self made internet millionaires! I'm sure they either got given it (spoon fed) or they started exactly where we all are and earnt it. Beside $80 a month covers my phone bill ;) So all good buy me, thinking about it! It covers my internet aswell, as long as you have a computer, access to the internet and half a brain you can start earning today! So lets begin!

    About me:

    When I was 15 I was kicked out of my senior school for throwing a chair at the head teacher, no other school was willing to take me in after that as I was allways fighting. At the age of 17 I was accepted into a school for kids with special circumstances, although it wasn't my GCSE's (uk grades) I received my nvq's. Whilst I was at this school I realised I had a good understanding of computers and picked up most things related in a snap. My tutor applied to a college to improve my computer skills further. 2 year course with a excellent qualification to gain, I was game for this! Only problem was a hour bus ride everyday to the college and back again! Up at 6am, college work, home, dinner, bed and another 2-3 hours studying! 5 days a week, by the time the weekend come around I was shattered and spent hardly any time socializing. I was pretty much a social outcast my whole life anyways, didn't bother me much. Anyways half way into the course and I made my first real mate, name was "Reece" (not real identity) Done everything together and them 5 days I travelled a hour to college turnt into 6 days, Saturday was mine and Reeces day! That's were I went wrong, Saturday I spent getting high! Reece smoked weed and to look cool I started aswell. Goodbye college course, goodbye qualifications and goodbye decent career! I screwed up!

    A few years later I was like any other stoner, sitting at home doing nothing. No job, no motivation and again no experience about IM I'd never thought of it before until recently. So I met a girl called "Betty" cue the first true love :s was together for 2 and a half years, had a baby and long story short.. We broke up, I was a hardcore stoner at this time and realise now I didn't really pay much attention to her or my daughter. I ended up homeless literally sleeping rough. One day I met another girl and started to stay round hers, made a whole looad of friends and started to do what I call "sofa surfing" one sofa one night and another the next. I went to the local council and applied for a flat, due to my health history of astma and also my past at school (fighting) they gave me a chance and gave me a flat! As long as I had a support worker to sort out my temper and get of weed they agreed to help.

    So pretty much here I am now a fair few years later, age 26, still got my own flat, got the best friend a man could ever ask for.. his dog, great partner and earning $80 a month still sitting on my a**. WITHOUT any qualifications, experience or anything else that could of gave me a head start in the world of IM. So if I can do it with my past history (not the worst, but not the best) then so can you.

    You done the first step all on your own. You fount Black hat world!! You have shown you know how to read and write on a computer just by finding this place. Why are you asking to be spoonfed? There is excellent contributions on the first page everyday, there is a search button USE IT!! I ain't ranting but seriously use it! it's a excellent little feature :p No offense but I'm guessing 90% of new members used Google to find this place. GOOGLE IS A SEARCH ENGINE, BHW has a search engine, what's wrong with useing it? Honestly I spent roughly 1-2 weeks just reading thread after thread after thread. Started with learning the concept of SEO and MNS then torrent section and finally the youtube section (want a quick $ this section is a goldmine) one day I logged in and see a thread by Ilovechucktaylour about his journey! I spent roughly 2 and half hour reading this thread from start to finish!! Didn't miss one post! At the end of reading his journey I felt like I sat there by his side and rode it out with him! I knew I had fount a bible of knowledge. Also I felt something else... Motivation! After reading that 1 thread I literally wanted to start there and then, to have the same success as him!

    The next few weeks were all full of failure! Accounts lost, videos flagged, no impressions and hardly any traffic. I started to fill down like it wouldn't work, then one day my partner asked if she could stay at mine a couple of weeks. She see how stressed I was getting and forced me to have a break from IM. So I spent the first week with her. No computers, laptops or phones (no technology except in the afternoon to do my Neobux :s of course I sneaked onto BHW if I could :p) and felt so relaxed by the weekend I logged onto my site and checked the stats, wow!! TRAFFIC, imps... WOW a click!! $$$ it seemed one of the videos I uploaded the day she moved in had earnt me some $$. BANG!! enter mister motivation again :p This time I was back! Read more threads on BHW and learnt why my vids were flagged, and why my accounts banned. Ordered a vpn and started afresh! had 2 accounts banned since then, had videos up for 3 weeks without being flagged and am slowly seeing my income grow day by day.

    So.. "If I can do it anyone can"

    Don't give up at the first hurdle, someone flagged your video or you just can't get that site to rank. Take a day of, relax, spend some time with your girl or your family. DON'T GIVE UP!! I've no qualifications and went from nothing to something! Not alot $80 but as I said it pays my internet for 3 months (quarterly statements) as long as I have the net I can earn more and more $$. I know this won't make me a millionaire within my life time but I step it up, I know after a lot of late nights and early mornings I could end upliving my life a lot easier! Plus I have had the pleasure of laughing at the people that said I'd never amount to anything! They work 9-5 Monday threw Saturday! I work half the hours and Monday to Friday yet in the space of a couple of months I'vegained great knowledge that they will probly never know! I earn the money they earn for 1 day of 9-5 in a month sitting on my a**, having fun and relaxing! Lets be honest you can have a coffee, food and break when you want. Soon I'll be earning 2 of there 9-5 days then 3 and 4 and so on!

    I hope this thread gives you the motivation that I have received from reading Ilovechucktaylours thread, Ilovechucktaylour you have my personall gratitude and respect! I have never met you or ever had a conversation with you. BUT!! Because of you I fount the motivation to do it! I salute you..

    I have one last gift for you all, over the few months that I have been a member here I have collected a lot of bookmarks. Some I still refer to now! I'm going to share the threads I fount usefull and learnt something from.

    Collections of links others posted:



    PPD (paid per download):


    Social networks (facebook, youtube, twitter):



    Tools (Seo, youtube and so on):

    http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo-tools/421307-overdose-awesome-free-search-engine-optimization-tools.html (Excellent collection)

    http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...uide-secure-your-wordpress-website-howto.html (I swear by this everytime I set up a new site/blog it goes threw thi procedure)








    Sites (micro niche site, adsense and so on):

    http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...aling-over-optimization-sky-isnt-falling.html (Excellent, noob friendly aswell)





    KW (Keywords, anything related to Keywords):

    http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/379346-guide-how-find-micro-niche-emd.html (really noob friendly)

    Mister motivator :p


    Credit goes to all the creators of the above threads.

    Mod: I posted in the lounge due to my essay at the top, if you fill it needs to be in a different section fill free to use it.
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    I like you in the most heterosexual way :D
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    Pretty good list of links
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    Nice post mate. Everyone has to start somewhere and that's some quality info you've offered. Also nice to see the credit going back to the OP's.
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    Cheers buddy.

    If it wasn't for all the OP's takeing there time to write the threads we all learn from then let's be honest BHW wouldn't be the same ;P It's only right that they get the credit they deserve.
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    In the pink
    Congratzi on the cherry pop! All clear. [​IMG]
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    Thanks mate , cool story
    btw. How many beers You have drinked before writing this Post?:p