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ideea for ppl working with poker affiliates

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by lmxftw, May 21, 2013.

  1. lmxftw

    lmxftw BANNED BANNED

    Mar 11, 2013
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    didn't know where to post this on the forum so i'm sorry if this isn't the right section.

    i am a poker player or better yet i should say that i play a lot of poker and hang around websites with poker info (freerolls, promotions, pay-back programs, etc) and a few days ago an ideea popped into my head. i dont have the knowhow or the funds to persuade it so i thought i should share it with this community.

    in theory the thing i, and i think that a lot of 'sharks', would like to see when it comes to poker software is an app/platform where i could find all the info i need without having to search for it myself.

    this is what i had in mind:

    1. the person has to register an account through your refflink onto the poker site he/she wants to play on
    2. when the person opens the software/app he/she should see how many other users of yours are registered to the tournaments available. for example you are working with 3 different poker platforms and you should have tabs with each one.
    i should be able to click the tab of the poker site i want to play on and see all their available tournaments/cash tables/sng games
    3. when i register to a tournament where, for example, there are 20 other users of said app you should create a ts3/vent room on a private server and forward me (and the other users who are in the same tournament) the ip and password of said channel/server so that i could talk to other players (player collision)

    monetization is simple. you win money from reflink signups, from deposits, adds on your site, or you could even sell the app for a small price.

    pls tell me what you think about it :)
  2. busybee4

    busybee4 Registered Member

    Mar 29, 2011
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    I've seen it happening on Sit'n'Go's, so you register to a turney
    and 10 seconds later you're sitting in a table with 4 Brazilians
    playing together (+couple of Randoms).
    Also, be smart about it - always rotate the players so FTP/PS
    won't detect a pattern and will be on to you like a [email protected] on a stick
  3. ja3000

    ja3000 Newbie

    Jul 6, 2012
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    For all the money that goes into poker sites the development side is terrible. You've got a great idea for an app/program, and I don't understand why several apps along the same lines haven't been developed. What about a monthly subscription to website where every customers' hands are datamined into a program that parses hand history and spits out things like exactly what a player open limps from every position? or what's the best time to catch a certain fish i.e. at what times of the day do they lose the most money (saturday night after the bar closes heh)? If anybody wants to do a JV in this niche, I'd be down to chat.