[IDEA] How to get targeted traffic for 1 cent/click

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by pinholeglasses, Jan 14, 2011.

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    (Disclaimer: This is an idea that I had that I never tested.)

    Back when I was using Mturk some months ago, I had an idea that I thought was genius at the time, but I never tested it out because I wasn't in any niches that seemed appropriate for the traffic.

    The idea is simple: create Mturk listings that pay out 1 cent saying that you need people to test out your website to see if it works or not, or to check for spelling errors, make sure the images are loading, or some sort of quality assurance task.

    You can set it up so that they need to submit a piece of text to show that they completed the task in order to receive the payout. This can be an answer to a question that tests to see if they actually read whatever it is you wanted them to read (i.e. your sales letter). OR this piece of text can be a secret coupon code to your product that you've guided them to find. :)

    If you've got a high converting sales page, this method would be worth testing. As for the "targeted" traffic part, if you do a search for "mturk demographics," you'll find lots of information about the people who use mturk. Also, you can further target your traffic by setting requirements, whether it be age, gender, country, or whatever.

    Again, you'll probably want to use a high converting offer that normal PPC would be too expensive for. Right off the top of my head, I'm thinking anything to do with making money online or biz opp offers will do just fine with this type of traffic.

    If you run with this idea and it works, let me know. :) At the very least, I hope it will help inspire some more outside-the-box thinking.
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    did you get any reply?
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    PTC and similar traffic does not worth it (my opinion)
    this means you will get 100 visitors for $1? Yes
    This means you will get money or adsense clicks? No
    Why? those people are visiting the site to get some more cents and they aren't interested in your content.
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    Perhaps worth trying if your landing pages for them is pitch by "How to get $3000/month by using Mturk".

    Squeeze them using free reports, sell them low end product costing less than $20. After that, funnel them into "Making Money Online" products.

    $0.01 per impression is well worth if you have a system to follow up and sell them some stuff.
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    I had completely forgotten M Turk even existed. You've got the ball rolling in my head, thanks for that. Take a look at what Turk users can do and the possibilities are endless.