I would greatly appreciate some feedback: local sms idea

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by chris_mas, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Hello Blackhatworld,

    First of all, allow me to extend a gracious "thank you" to all of the kind and generous folks who make tis forum something truly inspiring. Your work and commitment to your art is extremely valued.

    I would like to share an idea I have to garner whether or not it is feasible and hopefully elicit some constructive criticism.

    I am quite intrigued by the frontier that is Mobile Marketing for local businesses. I have a plan that I am rather excited about, but being a "newb," I thought it wise to ask for some feedback. Here's the plan:

    1. Create a Facebook Fan Page titled something like "(local city) Foodie Texts." Work until I have amassed at least 3000 phone numbers (I live in a metropolitan area of a bit over 500,000 people). The page would emphasize the necessity of acquiring at least 3000 "likes", but more importantly 3000 cell phone numbers, before the benefits of joining really kick in. The schtick is that as a part of this group, you receive daily, exclusive offers via text message from local restaurants that can be redeemed by going to the given restaurant and providing a promotional code included in the text.

    2. Assuming I am nearing the 3000 mark for local sign ups/phone number list, mail an intelligently assembled marketing letter to at least 75 respected local restaurants, offering them the opportunity to have TWO text messages per month sent out to the 3000 or so EXTREMELY TARGETED potential customers. Restaurants would be encouraged to create an exclusive, special offer to be texted by my SMS service to members of this list. Restaurants would be informed that only 15 local restaurants would be chosen for this venture. After some research, m preliminary price per restaurant per two mass texts per month would be $497.

    All that being said, I want to know if you guys think that this could work.

    Specific questions that i have:

    1. What might be the best method for building a list of around 3000 phone numbers in my community that are interested in this service? Could this all be done via Facebook?

    2. Is my price point, given said parameters, reasonable?

    3. What is the most economical SMS tool to accomodate such a venture?

    Any other feedback would be tremendously appreciated. My dream would to make this sort of gig a full time income.

    In closing, thanks again for all that so many of you have already inspired with. I hope to someday be in a financial position to give back to this community.

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    1. Facebook could work. But I don't think you will get 100% of the phone numbers from your fans.

    2. Your price... eh. Someone else could come along and blow your business out of the water at that price. You could probably make some sales, but that's a big number, man! 3,000 x 2 x .01 = $60. If you use the WP SMS Plugin (3.which is your best option) it will cost you $60 to send their 6,000 messages. Charge $180 or $240/month. THAT'S APPEALING. Especially considering that the statistic is 1/8 messages results in a sale.
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    1. I would not even target Facebook unless you were marketing a fan page via advertising. Also I would not rely on facebook at the sole resource, especially because I know people will probably be reluctant to give their phone number until you gain some reputation among their friends. Put up signs in your area everywhere...go to college campuses, hangouts, events whatever pass out a whole bunch of flyers. I think that will be your best bet.

    2. Tools, look at some of the wp plugins available.

    3. Your price is too high like the other guy said, lower it maybe $99-$200 or something. Business owners are really going to need to know this works.

    4. Good luck!