I want some constructive criticism


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Hello everyone I've been here for a while but just joined !

So long story short I have Instagram (was travel niche) now its with my website name 4.5k followers
and my shopify store is all set up to get orders : https://tripprepared.com/

I would love to hear your opinion about the website and what I need to fix. I'm trying to promote it on Instagram but I have only 40 unique visitors for 2 days excluding me. My first order was made 5 minutes after launching and that's it no more.

I would also appreciate any advice about the SEO cus I have done nothing about it excluding I have bought SEO improve from go daddy with the domain. :D

Feel free to criticise everything and maybe give advice about something else :)

Thank you in advance !

Also thanks to everyone in this forum because I have been leeching information for a while. Once I get my things done I will gladly help to everyone :)