I Think I May Have Stumbled Over A Google Loop Hole with Scrape Box..WOooo

The reason that traffic is an important factor is because since people can manipulate links and content but its difficult to manipulate high quality traffic at about equal intervals. This is the new way for google to check the quality of a website because if many people are going to sites there must be something of quality to be on that site. This is good and bad because 1st ranking positions are going to have an easier time of maintaining their rank because they are getting more traffic from the SE
Confirmed, Google Analytics has seen all my "slow poster" tries ;) An extra 700 hits for me today! Will let you know if my SERP changes.
Confirmed, Google Analytics has seen all my "slow poster" tries ;) An extra 700 hits for me today! Will let you know if my SERP changes.
yes if they improve pm me.... it may take a few days
@kez1000 : So what you are saying is just plain hits? i.e. SB loads your page for commenting through a proxy and counts as a hit? Because I thought google would count visits coming from a link of from the SERPS...
So you are saying the person that gets to #1 first for that keyword is going to have the upper hand because they get more organic traffic? A keyword with 10k searches per day, 6k of those click on the first page. Google doesn't care about traffic. I have a site that I just uploaded and purchased a domain for, a couple of weeks ago and it is sitting at #2 for 2 different keywords. I might have gotten 50 total hits through building backlinks. Quit over complicating things and trying to figure out something that doesn't matter, stick with what works. I can guarantee that scrapebox, failing to comment, didn't help you one bit.

On site seo and backlinks is all that works.
Thanks for this useful information but if you think about this scenario.

You are ranked on the 3rd page in google for 'pet food'. The majority of people searching 'pet food' go to the 3rd page of google search results and click on your link, then the organic traffic to this link will obviously tell google that this site is higher quality, and it is what people are looking for. So it will rank the site higher so people can find it faster. Google just wants people to get what they want as fast as possible. So junk traffic will not do anything. What you really need to devise is for people to go to google, search your keyphrase, click on page 3 results, and click on your link. This should be unique users for a couple of weeks, and the amount of people doing it has to be comparable to the number of organic clicks the first page sites are getting.

EDIT: In fact there is probably some software that does this using proxies.
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So what do you do? Load the sitemap of you website into Scrapebox and then bang away at it with slow poster?
In general, it seems to me that the more goog services (and the further down the rabbit hole) you go with them, the more little bumps you get from them.

I agree with that. This can be especially true when you have adsense on your website and you are in smaller niches. Of course, you need the whole SEO shabang, but still, It is an extra bump.

I believe the same is true for PPC. If I can make money partnering with, of course I would be inclined to favor you.

About the GA, I think is a two-sided blade. But if you maneuver it correctly IT CAN bring you rewards. If after buying traffic information from sites
Like Alexa, we need to consider that still we are left With a hell of a lot of websites to track. Considering we have GA installed, Google has direct access to our traffic (volume, quality, keywords, etc) which makes easier for Google to position and reposition you accordingly.

IF you are applying most of White Hat SEO (directories, local services, PR ) but with speed, volume but QUALITY this can result in faster results.
That's an interesting finding you've got there.
I've read in other places that Google is starting to use their own tools like FeedBurner and Google Analytics for this same purpose.
Good find!
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