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I need your help

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by peoplestring, Aug 3, 2011.


Have You Read My Families Story?

  1. Do you think this is a Scam?

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  2. Do You think I am Sincere?

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  3. Do you resent my asking for help?

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  4. Do you think I was a Fool?

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  5. Do you think I was too Trusting?

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  6. Do You think my story is real?

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  7. Do you appreciate my effort to get my life back?

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  8. What would you Do? In My situation?

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  9. Do you think I should give up & committ suicide?

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  10. Will you help me and my Family?

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  1. peoplestring

    peoplestring Newbie

    Mar 5, 2011
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    I have no choice but to write this letter and reach out for "Help". My family has been devastated by people we thought were honest and sincere.
    My wife and I decided to help them or "her" and found our lives shattered because of it.
    I made a promise to my wife and my children that I would get their life "Back". In an attempt to recover my life I turned to the Internet. I have learned much and have much more to learn. I am at the stage in my comeback where I realize I cannot do it alone. I need to meet someone who is willing to help me.

    I own two domains:
    a.) wealthynigerian.c_m
    b.) goodluckjohnathan.in_o
    They are 1 1/2 years old with a PR of 1.

    1. Article writing
    2. Keywords
    3. Keyword content
    4. Keyword saturation
    5. SEO
    I am more than willing to share the proceeds of my websites with anyone who is willing to take on this challenge.

    My sites have been submitted to many,many Directories and I have Reciprocal, One Way and Backlinks thru Programs such as "Voltrank","Relevant Links","Direct Links" and others.
    My sites main theme is centered around a Social Media Site called "People String" and each page has different content. This is the rub for me, I want to incorporate the main theme and sub-themes into a coherent keyword content article. I also want to be able to identify my main keywords for each page. I am confused about how to go about doing that.
    If you would like to learn more about my families misfortune:
    victimsupport.wealthynigerian.c_ m

    Intro to my websites:
    gteam.goodluckjohnathan.in_ o

    The Baggs Family
    SKYPE: goodluckjohnathan