I need someone to help me get more signups using White Hat or Black Hat SEO


Jun 30, 2013

I have a massage website directory and I need massage therapists to sign up. Its free for them to sign up, but Im not sure how to get to these therapists. Maybe ppc, backlinks, any sort of SEO, driving traffic through targeted keywords? You tell me. I just had the idea for the site but Im not a webmaster and don't know much about internet marketing.

I want it to be safe though, but I'm looking to get my website.

1.) To the top of Google in my area which is massage.

2.) As many massage therapists signed up as possible. Its free for them and its great for them because my site is going to be solely to get them more buisness...ONCE they ARE signed up.

THE VERY FIRST THING I NEED IS THERAPISTS SIGNED UP ONTO MY SITE. I believe I need to do this before I start with all the seo, ppc, etc right? Let me know if you can help thanks!

Private message me to work together :).
Also, I have a list of emails that I got scraped and phone numbers. Would it be illegal to contact all these therapists to ask them to sign up? I imagine it is....just let me know what you think! I want to do things right and not get into trouble :).
This is for email marketing? Just give them the reason why they should sign up to your websites
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