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Jan 16, 2009
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I have a client who despite having 10,000 incoming links... has 0 PageRank. I could care less what his PR is as long as he is getting valuable traffic... but he cares. And he is set on getting PR.

Bookmarking has not done it
Directories have not done it
Blog Posts or Blog Cooments have not done it
Xrummer has not done it

Can somebody get me PageRank?????
If it was me, I'd trying explaining him a bit more that PR doesn't really matter.
And if he really wants 10,000 backlinks, I'd use ixrumer's (or someone else) services and get 6000 verified backlinks, and use scrapebox to harvest, comment on High PR blogs. Hopefully you get PR in next PR update. Or you can try buying 10+ links from websites with PR 2+. Make sure that the website isn't selling the link to someone else.

Good Luck!
Sounds like he has a lot of junk links pointing to his site. Use article marketing, I build 20 clean links from high-pr article directories and usually hit a page rank of 3 within 6 months.
Yes, but it's not overnight . He needs backlinks from PR7 +
I have different authority sites (PR 5's) so maybe maybe I could sell him a couple of links, depends on the niche he is and also the price

Do let me know
If your client wants to have a good PR on his pages:

I have a good PR blogs that I can use here for commenting. Ranging from PR2 and above. AND HERE IS THE CATCH it has less Outbound Links (OBL). This means the PR Juice coming out from their pages are good because they have less OBL.

Basically the only way you can gain PR for your pages is to have sites pointing at you that has less OBL. And you should optimize you pages. Controlling the flow of PR within your pages. Eliminate unwanted OBL on your site.

Let me know if you need my services...Cheers.
the last pr update was April 2nd and there hasn't been one since. So depending on when he started this campaign, it might just be that it hasn't taken place yet. Site I launched March 1st took a pr3, and now has a ton more SEO work done to it, so I've been keeping an eye out for the update. Was sure it was going to be July 7th, but that didn't happen, so thinking any day now!!!

But as was pointed out PR is just a number, and in actual fact (as far as rankings and pr go) take place daily, but are visible to Google only. It's the browser PR updates that we all get all concerned and worried about.
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