I Need Help Unsuspending Ebay accounts.

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    Hey friends, as the title says I have some accounts I need unsuspended. I need help fixing them. (i.e. logging on and communicating/calling customer care). Also I need any advice on how to get them fixed.


    The word trade in this article is interchangeable with $ell.

    SIDE NOTES: I am very limited in posting this message (can't say $ell or Thonks), so please forgive me for parts where the writing seems odd or rude. I own two ebay accounts. One is my main and one is a new account I made that got suspended. I have a good eBay track record, (In the very beginning I had some issues, but since I've cleaned up my act considerably - 98.8% with 250+ positive feedback) Also my main eBay account is a PowerTrader, so I try to be an honest user but I have made some mistakes - mainly due to my ignorance to certain policies and practices.

    Here are the details of each account:

    1. eBay account 101 - I made this account yesterday, after my main eBay account got slapped for the first time in months with a VERO case (can't list on it for 30 days) - They may have done this because I used a company logo without permission. Anyways with this eBay account I linked it to my main to get higher trading limits, I then listed a few of the items I trade (one's that did NOT get VERO'd) The next day I got on it and found it was banned indefinitely due to high risk activity (i.e. me listing too many "VERO" items with it being a new account.) The items I listed have never given me trouble on my main account - it also could have been because my listings are very similar to eachother so maybe a duplicate listing policy was broken. Also in the message they sent it said that I am not allowed to use existing accounts or create new ones. So with this account I could honestly care less about trading on it in the future, however I am afraid that because it was suspended it may affect my main (so far my main hasn't been suspended, however I used the exact same info on both my main and this suspended account) I would like to somehow ensure this account's suspension will not affect my main accounts ability to trade - I realize it may drag down my search results, or worse get my main suspended (but so far so good)

    Does anyone know how long it takes to suspend eBay accounts associated with a suspended account? It has been at least 6-10 hours since the associated account was suspended. I did use the exact same info on my main account several years ago, the info being also used on this new account that I made yesterday - the new account that is suspended for the above reasons.

    2. In the event that my main eBay account gets suspended thanks to my new account's gaffe, then it will also be up for unsuspension services.

    Other things: In the past I originally used a PayPal account that was registered when I was a minor, this account had funds held for 180 days - Due to me being a minor upon creation of the account. Only 140 days until the funds are released, has anyone else had funds released after the 180 days?

    Both my main and the new suspended accounts share almost all of the same information.

    Even with all of this info my main account has yet to be banned or suspended (6-10 hours). I'd like to keep it that way, so this single gaffe doesn't ruin my entire eBay portfolio.

    P.S. I apologize if this post seems unorganized or drawn out. I wanted to ensure I made my thoughts, problems, questions, and concerns as detailed as I could.

    Any free advice is warmly welcomed. Please tell me how much to pay you to fix this account. The most qualified/trusted bidder will get the task. I am open to a mod stepping in. Also it would be very illogical of me to not to give you money as you would have info to my accounts, and info about myself.

    Lastly this is my first post so if I have made any errors I apologize, however I have read many posts on BHW so I fell confident I have broken no policies. Yet if I have please let me know.
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    shouldnt you deal your self with the customer support from ebay? Anyways good luck with your request.