I Need Facebook Registration System Integrated On PHP website


Nov 11, 2012
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I have read about login system with Facebook, but that's not my intention here because I have it already. I've been reading all around for Facebook's login system via oAuth 2.0, but I'm looking for a registration system through Facebook. I've also read about Facebook-like registration system, where you get a form that is styled like Facebook - Again, not looking for this one.

What I'm interested in is this:

  1. User goes to my website's native registration page.
  2. The user is shown with the common registration fields and a Register with Facebook button.
  3. If the user decides to use the Facebook button, he automatically skips over the normal method.
  4. User clicks the Facebook register button.
  5. If the user is logged-in to Facebook my website grab all the data somehow via oAuth (ID, Nickname, email) and register the user to my own DB.
  6. If the user is entirely logged out of Facebook when arriving at your site. In this case, my website would still display a "login with Facebook" button and when the user enters the Facebook login flow, they will be requested to sign into Facebook first. Once that is done, still as part of the flow, the user will be redirected back to the app sign up, and then back to your site all in one go.
  7. The user should be automatically logged-in to my website when the registration process is complete.

If you can give me the above 7 steps in one flow that will work perfectly on my PHP and not by try and error inbox me or drop your your comments

http://www.brandwetalk.com is the website
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