I´m getting 100-200 backlinks a day but why?

Check your back links with any relevant back links checker tool. May be you are victims of spamming. Or check it through Yahoo Site Explorer. If its really now effecting your SERP then their is no used of them.
hey guys sorry for the noob question but how do u check how many backlinks u have? is that from Alexa?
Or you can try
It is really a nice little tool to find your own backlinks or spy on your competitor. :)

hey guys sorry for the noob question but how do u check how many backlinks u have? is that from Alexa?
lol you are so lucky because you have someone build backlinks for you lol if this is a revenge, they must be the most stupid fuckers haha!
a lot of sites using Disqus plugin have a sitewide widget showing coments

This means if you leave 1 comment that sticks on disqus blog you could potentially get a backlink from every single one of they're pages, and any future pages they create.

It has happened to me many times, end up with 10k links from like 10 domains only lol

Now, if you have never put a comment on those blogs, thats a different story ;-)
That is happening to me also. I have trends related webpage and i recieve backlinks every day from different blog pages. They seems like autoblogs. Always my short post and then ******** link to my page. And always from different blog. I have more like 100 backlinks from different blogs (after month) and i even do know how :twitch:
I had something a few weeks ago where my website was being backlinked every time a blog made a new post. I don't know why, I couldnt find my link on their page, but it showed a new backlink in every new post.

I am very sure this is due to a programs that say they can send visitors to your site. Can't remember in detail how it works, but basically it fakes that it has a backlink to your site, you view their site to check it. BAM they get traffic. Do it to thousands of sites in minutes, many come back checking more than once.

Your site may have been mentioned on another blog which managed to spread round.
But who cares that website is already loosed... Was my first and I did many things wrong...

lol what are you talking about? Keep adding fresh content and backlinks and wait. When it comes back it will get even more traffic and rank higher than it did before. You don't know how the sandbox works do you?
This is happening to me! I believe it's because the sites have a "recent comment" widget. Once you post you stay on that widget for awhile and every new post causes you to get a new back link. Guess I need to be more careful.

Underdog - did your site get de-indexed? Hope this doesn't happen to me. I'm already up to 300 backlinks....NOT GOOD!
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