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I have some Sharecash questions!!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by CaptainKing, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. CaptainKing

    CaptainKing BANNED BANNED

    Nov 29, 2011
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    Ok, So I have made a sharecash account last night. I have been using clickbank for quite some time now, making about 1 sale a day and wanted to try something else. I read some good, some not so good, reviews about sharecash so I decided to give it a try for myself...
    Here are the problems I ran into...:confused:

    When I send someone to my link to get them to download my file i know they have to complete the survey to get paid, but I tried doing this survey myself and it's as if it's almost endless. I gave my address, phone number etc etc and eventually got to a page that froze... I never got a sale according to my stats page. So I told like 8 of my friends (in the US) to fill out the survey and download the link. Half of them told me they didn't make it through the survey process and somehow ended up on some random sites. The other half aren't even sure if they completed the survey correctly and weren't able to exactly tell me if the did it correctly.:cool:

    I told about 20 more of my friends to fill out the survey on my link I sent them and they all tried. I eventually got 1 sale according to my statistics page for .90cents. Is this going to be a problem that the whole process is so difficult and somewhat misleading for the people I send to my link?

    What methods have worked for you in the past and could you give me some advice?

    Also, does the statistics page on sharecash refresh immediately, or just once every day or so?

    Perhaps there are better services out there, maybe not... If you could please give me your inputs and advice that would be very helpful!:D

    PS: It's also kind of hard to understand when being taken to the link that filling out the survey will let you download a file, and which file you are taking a survey for is not listed...